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Car Line & Parking

Campus Car Line Safety and Efficiency

Please refer to the documents on the right for diagrams and instructions on morning and afternoon car rider. A video of our procedures is linked above on how to navigate the car lines.


Please follow these Car Line Guidelines:

  1. Morning and Afternoon Procedures
    • All families will need to enter Melissa Drive through 8th Street.
    • Families WILL NOT be allowed to enter the car line on Melissa Drive from I Street.
    • Turn left into the campus parking lot for Front Carline.
    • Turn left behind the High School building for Back Carline.
    • Exit the campus to the right back onto Melissa Drive per your designated car line.
    • Traffic MUST turn right onto 8th Street after exiting the campus to help the flow of traffic.
    • Cars that travel on the wrong side of the road will not be allowed in the car line and must re-nter the carline from 8th Street.
  2. Afternoon Pickup Adjustment
    Kinder and First grade students with no older siblings in 2nd-6th grade will be released at 2:40 in the Front Car Line. Cars waiting for 2nd-6th grade siblings will be required to pull around until 2nd-6th grade students are released at 3:00 PM.
  3. Release Times Reminders
    2:40 PM - Kindergarten-1st Grade with no siblings in 2nd-6th Grade (Front Car Line)
    3:00 PM - 2nd-6th Grade (Back Car Line)
    3:00 PM - 2nd-6th Grade with siblings in Kindergarten-1st (Front Car Line)
    3:25 PM - 7th-8th Grade with or without 2nd-6th siblings (Back Car Line)
    3:25 PM - 7th-12th Grade with Kindergarten-1st siblings (Front Car Line)
  4. If you arrive before dismissal time, you will be required to go around and re-enter carline from 8th Street.
  5. Morning Reminders                                                                                                                                 Students should begin arriving no earlier than 7:15 a.m. Faculty and staff will be at the front and back of the campus in the morning to help unload our younger students from their vehicles to the building. Students are to exit the vehicle on the side of the vehicle closet to the building. Parents are not to exit their vehicles. Staff will help your child exit the vehicle. This will help prevent backups and congestion. Students may only be unloaded in the designated loading zones between the large cones in each drop off/pick up location for student safety.
  6. Cell phones are not to be used during car line due to being in a school zone.
  7. Students who drive on campus are not to be on their cell phones while driving.

  8. To help keep traffic on Melissa Drive moving, please approach campus from 8th Street from either direction.

  9. Please pull to the front of the line. There should be no gaps in the car line.

  10. Please drive slowly, especially along the front of the building. There will be many young students around and it is important for drivers to be watchful.

  11. K-6 students are to head to the Gym through the Cafeteria from 7:15-7:30. All K-6 students will go to their classrooms after 7:30. 7-12 students are to report to their first period class.
  12. The youngest child in the vehicle determines where students are dropped off in the morning.
  13. The latest child's pick up time determines where students are picked up from.

Instructions for Car Tags

Each K-6th grade family is provided with at least two copies of a car tag for each student at the beginning of the school year. If you need more, please contact the front desk on how to acquire more tags. If you carpool, please give extra car tags to the people you authorize to pick up your children and make sure that their names and contact information are included as carpool contacts in our eSchool system. You may contact the front desk at 479-715-6662 or [email protected] to have additional allowed authorized contacts for student pickup.


An official FCA car tag is required to pick up a child. If you forget your car tag, you must park in the parking lot and go the front desk to verify that you are allowed to pick up your child. Your child will then be brought to you at the front office after verification. Student safety is our top priority and this policy will be strictly enforced.


  • Please display your family’s car tag on your rearview mirror when you arrive in the afternoons.

  • When you arrive in the afternoons, school staff will use our Curb Smart app to input the family numbers so we may announce the numbers for student dismissal. Please make sure your child(ren) know their number! This will help car rider run much more smoothly if we are not having to search for a child.


Late Pick Up

All students must be picked up by 3:50 PM. Students who are not picked up by this time will be taken to our After School Care program. Fees may apply for chronic late pickups and will be assessed on the weekly rate of the After School Care Program. Please refer to the After School Care page for further information on weekly rates.


Instructions for Driving and Parking on Campus During School Hours

If you visit our campus during school hours, you must use the open parking spaces without cones in the parking lot and walk up to our offices. The parking spaces in front of the K-8 buidling on the west side are to be reserved in the afternoon for our student holding area for front car rider.


Any law or ordinance regulating traffic on a public highway or street also applies to the operation of a vehicle on  campus. In addition to potential city citations for violation of motor vehicle traffic laws or ordinances, student drivers will receive a warning and referral to the Campus Director’s/Headmaster’s office for the following violations:


1. parking in a fire lane,
2. failure to park in a designated student parking area,
3. jumping (driving over) a curb,
4. double parking,
5. parking in a handicapped space or walkway,
6. parking in a crosswalk or ramp,
7. ignoring instructions from school staff monitoring the parking lot, or
8. parking on a water sprinkler


Parking Permits for Student Drivers

Being able to bring a vehicle on campus is a privilege. The school is not responsible for damage to a vehicle that occurs while it is on campus. A student has full responsibility for the security of his or her vehicle and must make certain that it is locked and that the keys are not given to others. Permission is required for any student who finds it
necessary to go to his or her vehicle during the school day. Vehicles parked on campus are under the jurisdiction of the school. School officials may search any vehicle any time there is reasonable cause to do so, with or without the presence of the student. Students must meet and maintain certain criteria to receive a parking permit. FCA reserves the right to revoke parking privileges at any time if the student fails to comply with the requirements. A student who has had parking privileges revoked may have his or her car towed at the student’s expense.



  1. Students who wish to drive to campus must submit a “Vehicle Identification Form,” provide a copy of the student’s driver’s license and insurance, pay the required parking permit fee, and park in designated student parking areas.

Please create an account and then select the Parking Permit fee option.