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21-22 Summer Reading/Wellness Challenge

Did you know that research shows students who do not read during the summer can lose two to three months of reading skills?! The good news is that reading just 20 minutes everyday can prevent this loss of skills and actually help students gain a month of reading skills. This reading can be independent reading for students who are able to do that on their own, or reading books with a more experienced reader. 
Reading is a great workout for your brain, but we don't want to leave the rest of your body out! Research shows that being active helps reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, build strong bones and muscles, and improve cardio health and your immune system system. The CDC reports that students who are physically active tend to have better grades, school attendance, brain and memory function, and classroom behavior! This means that simply being active everyday can help make you a better student! 
This summer, we want to challenge you to exercise your brain and your body! We are excited to announce our Spartan Be Well Summer Challenge!
Goal: Read 20 minutes everyday and be active for 20 minutes everyday
When: June 4th-August 15th
Who: This challenge is open to all students who are attending NWA Classical Academy next year!
How: Log your minutes daily or weekly on this simple Google Form
Be sure to save it as a favorite on your device for quick access all summer long!
Exercise your Mind by reading an age appropriate book for a minimum of 20 minutes each day.
Get active each day by swimming, biking, running, jump rope, dancing, walking; any way you can move your body counts. Get creative!
Whole Grade Level Prize: At the end of the summer, the grade level with the highest number of minutes will get a special reward in PE and Library next year. 
Individual Prizes: First, second, and third place prizes will be awarded to the individuals who achieve the most reading and active minutes for the entire summer. These students will earn a medal and a picture in the school year book as well as a special reward with Mrs. DeRose and Coach Wallace.
Whole School Prize: If we can get 60% of students to participate in the summer challenge (that's reading for 20 minutes each day and being active for 20 minutes each day and logging that information) we will receive brand new soccer goals for the playground that can be used during recess time!
Additional Information
Students should only log minutes if they have completed both elements of the challenge each day, reading AND being active for 20 minutes (so a total of 40 minutes each day). Parents are encouraged to monitor their student's progress and participate with their students. There is no better way to show students the importance of exercising their mind and body than leading by example!
Q: Can I read and be active for more than 20 minutes each day? A: Absolutely! Just keep track of the minutes you complete each day and log them.
Q: Do I have to log my minutes every day? A: You can log minutes everyday, or once a week, or anywhere in between!
Q: What if I forget to log my minutes? A: You can enter minutes anytime.
Q: My young student can't read well on their own. Can they still participate? A: Yes! Reading aloud to younger students is a great way to boost their reading comprehension and help them become a better reader. Allow them to follow along and see the words as you read them aloud.